We are so thankful to the many people in our congregation who are involved in ministries and leadership that goes beyond our local Church family at Trinity. Kayte Brook Simpson has been pioneering "The Promise Course" over the last few years, and has recently developed a new "Spiritual Kick Start" program for 2022. When she told me about it, I said it sounded like the Church's version of "Couch to 5k". It sounds brilliant, especially for January, which often needs some new life and energy.

So here's a quick summary from Kayte, followed by a link to her introductory video. Carolyn and I are signing up, so why not join us and invite others to join to! 

From Kayte...

"As one year rolls into the next, often we can be filled with mixed emotions, thoughts and dreams. For many it’s a time of searching for meaning, hope and direction. So many want 2022 to be different, better, more. And yet, we can sometimes, somehow feel a little stuck, jaded or even weary. The good news is that living within us is the very source we need. He is The Hope of the World. But sometimes we need a little help to access Him. So, if you’re keen to press a spiritual re-set, why not join us, as we collectively embark on The Promise – within. This is a 28 day coaching journey, created to bring  a fresh encounter with God and a spiritual spring-board for the year ahead. Accessed on-line, the daily, practical, bite-size content gives you flexibility to follow this at a time and pace that’s right for you. And encourages you to work with a couple of friends, so you can exchange support and encouragement. This year, together, let’s awaken God’s Spirit within."

For more information just contact info@fruitministries.com and here's the link to the introductory video...

The Promise | January 2022 - YouTube

Thanks Kayte!

And keep Kayte in prayer. She had a nasty ankle break while running and has had some significant surgery. She's still brimming with faith and praying for all of us, so let's reciprocate and pray God's healing and strength over Kayte.

Let me also take the opportunity to remind you to signup for this Sunday's service. We'll have a full kids program and so don't forget to include your children when you sign up - just click on the following link to book your space.

Sunday Service Sign Up – Trinity Church Perth

Thanks all.

Grace and Peace