We are so excited about the next phase of our building plan for Trinity. After opening our new building on Christmas Sunday last year, we are now ready to follow through on Phase 2 of the CITY HUB vision with the refurbishment of the old building. This is a critical part of our mission to serve, bless and bring hope to the city of Perth. The kind of flexible spaces required for week to week CITY (and Church) Ministry will be provided by the refurbished rooms in the old building, and will allow us to respond to needs right on our doorstep and across the City. It's all VERY exciting!

This is central to our mission at Trinity. While we are a Church Family scattered across the CITY-Region, we also have a real calling to the City itself where we gather to worship and to witness. And so, we want to be ready for this next phase! As it happens, we have just received a grant of £5000 from Perth & Kinross Council to provide a "COSY SPACE" over winter in response to the Cost of Living and Fuel Poverty Crisis - amazing news - Praise God!

Throughout this month, we have shared the CITY HUB vision with you each Sunday and I hope you managed to take a look at the plans in the foyer. We give thanks for the wonderful investment from the International Church of the Nazarene through the Alabaster Fund - a gift of £100,000.00 - what a blessing!

We also shared the target of £150,000.00 for our own fundraising goal as a church family and this Sunday is the first of 2 "Giving/Pledge" Sundays (30 Oct & 6 Nov). We hope you've been praying and thinking about how you can give and invest for this next generation of mission and ministry.

So let me share a little about this first Giving/Pledge Sunday...

I've attached the Giving/Pledge form, which we encourage you to print, complete and bring with you either this Sunday or the next. We will have pens and forms available at both these services, but sending them out ahead of time gives you the opportunity to complete them prayerfully and privately at home, and perhaps pop it in an envelope. At the end of the service, we will have a special time of prayer and worship, during which you will be invited to come and bring your gift/pledge/envelope [We appreciate that some may prefer to do this online, privately after the service, or at another time, but we want to mark this season of giving with prayer & worship]. 

The forms have various Giving & Pledging options, and so you can use it in multiple ways...

  • Bring a gift on the day
  • Pledge to make a gift at a future date
  • Pledge to give regularly/monthly 
  • Or perhaps a mixture of all of the above

Perhaps there are other ways you would like to give - just use the form to let us know. Details of how to give through the bank are also on the form if you would prefer to give in that way, and if you're a tax payer, then please GIFT AID your gift and the government will add at least 25% onto it.  

It would be amazing if we could reach the full amount through the gifts and pledges made on these 2 Sundays and so please consider all this with prayer and faith.

As ever, please feel free to ask questions about the CITY HUB vision and the refurb, and as you can see from the form, you can approach those on the building team for more info. 

Thank you everyone for your ongoing giving - it is an act of love and worship to God, and we seek to use all of that giving for God's Kingdom and Glory!

God bless friends and may the Lord use us!

Grace and Peace.