Dear Church Family.

Once again, thank you for your prayers over these last few months as we have gone through the recruitment process for our 2 new staff posts. We have concluded this process and today I am delighted to announce the second of our new appointments - Mrs Janice Spencer, who will assume the role of Missional Discipleship and Pastoral Care Lead. Congratulations Janice!

Janice brings a wide experience of "The Church" having worshipped and served in various local congregations and traditions as a church member. She has also worked and trained in Christian Ministry, which you will see from the attached introduction from her. A career in finance and accountancy, means that she understands the challenges and opportunities of "Faith on the Frontline", which is part of the Missional Discipleship role.

Janice also brings experience in Prayer Ministry, Healing Rooms, Coaching, Mentoring, Pastoral Care, Training, and Life Groups, as well as in organisational leadership and senior management teams. We are excited about the gifts, graces, and leadership that she brings, and we are looking forward to having her on the staff team.

Janice will begin employment with us on Monday 1st May, and will initially serve as a part time member of the team (3 days per week). You will recognise Janice when you read the attached bio and see the photos - Janice and her husband Graeme, started attending Trinity last year, and have enjoyed getting to know us, and us them. Make sure you say hi on Sunday, and congratulate her in this new post. WELCOME JANICE!

So that is both posts filled, and we are looking forward to bringing the team together over the next few months. Please continue to pray for us as we come together as a new team. Emma will continue in her part-time time 'Team Pastor' role, and I am looking forward to serving, learning and leading together with all of the team members. We thank God for one another, and we thank Him for His guidance and His goodness. Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers. 

Grace and Peace