Well it came almost at the last minute of the last hour of business this week, but nonetheless, the necessary paperwork and certificate for the new building was granted at 4.28pm this afternoon - Praise the Lord! We're in for the weekend! 

I realise that for most of you, this journey with the new building has been much longer than mine, but together we share in the joy, thankfulness and celebration (and probably relief) of this moment. There will be much more to say in the days that lie ahead, and we'll make plans for a more formal opening in the future, but for now we simply give thanks to the Lord and enjoy these first days in our new building. 

So, let me give some information ahead of Sunday.

  1. The main entrance is to the front of the Church on York Place, and of course it gives a great view of the new building. There is also an entrance to the rear from the Car Park. Both entrances have a ramp for wheelchair access. Please give yourself time to park and arrive in good time, especially if you want a browse around before the service.
  2. Both entrances lead into the Atrium/Foyer, where you will be welcomed by our stewards team and given any necessary directions. Similar COVID procedures will be in place as those in the old building (hand sanitising, masks, sign in) and so please take care to follow these. We did email updated guidance and recommendations earlier today, so please take time to read that email.
  3. While the building is complete, there are still some jobs that need to be done in terms of making it all feel like home, and others than can only be done now that handover has happened. However, we're sure the "WOW" factor will be enough for one week!
  4. And finally, as with anything new, there may be some early teething problems that emerge and so let us know if you notice anything. It's only once you really start to use a place that you begin to learn what works and what doesn't, and so please be patient as we discover these things.

There are no changes in service times and so we plan to start at 10.30am. And remember that Sunday's service is an IN PERSON ONLY service, and will not be livestreamed for safeguarding reasons (Children's Nativity).

If you require any additional assistance on this first visit, or have any questions, then please let us know by responding to this email.

Thank you all. What a joy it will be to welcome you this Sunday! Let's "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!"

Grace and Peace.