We're looking forward to worshipping together with you on Sunday (10.30am) - hope you can make it!

Here's a few things ahead of the weekend...

  1. NEW SONG: We're going to be singing a new song on Sunday morning. Why not have a listen to it over the next few days so you're more familiar with it. Just click this link to listen: Same God - Elevation Worship (live) - YouTube
  2. ALABASTER OFFERING: Over the next 2 weeks you'll have the opportunity to give to the Church of the Nazarene's Alabaster Offering, which helps to build schools, hospitals, surgeries, homes, and churches around the world. If you've been saving in an "Alabaster Box" at home, bring it with you on one of these Sundays, and if not, you can still give your own gift.
  3. BAPTISM: And just a last mention that we'll have an "Exploring Baptism" class after the service on Sunday morning. If you want to come, please let us know by replying to this email.

Thanks all - looking forward to seeing you!

Grace & Peace