This Sunday is the last in our "Songs for Summer" series, and we're going to be looking at Psalm 73, which includes this wonderfully simple phrase, "it is good to be near to God" (v.28). Isn't that an incredible testimony of truth - God invites us to draw near to Him, as He draws near to us. Wow!

In what ways do you draw near to God, and allow Him to draw near to you? Withdrawing to pray, walking in creation, welcoming and serving others, the work we do? All of this can be an act of worship and places of "nearness to God".

For me, I love to draw near to God in singing or listening to songs of worship, whether ancient songs like the Psalms, or the more contemporary songs we sing together on Sundays. Their truth becomes real to me as I ponder their power, and as I welcome the Holy Spirit as I worship. What a gift! 

Of course, sometimes this kind of worship is private and personal, but I love coming together with God's people to lift up our hearts and voices together as we sing and declare our praise to God. 

Perhaps ahead of this Sunday, you can take some time to prepare to be with your church family as we worship together. Here's some ways you might do so:

  • Slowly read Psalm 73 ahead of time and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Read it more than once.
  • Pray for yourself and for others - pray for those who you sit with, or perhaps those you don't. Pray for those who will lead, sing, pray, preach.
  • Begin to worship in the songs we will sing - listen to them and allow their truth to speak to you - let their words and tune become a "familiar truth". 

Here's some links to the songs we'll sing on Sunday - perhaps some of them old and some of them new:

So read, pray, listen, sing, while you're walking, working (if you can), serving, sitting - let their truths fill your heart, and let Jesus come close, for "it is good to be near to God".

Looking forward to worshipping together. See you Sunday!

Grace & Peace.