What a good and full day we had at Trinity yesterday - great to be in worship together in the morning, with a Youth Mission fundraiser after the service, and then an amazing TeaTime @ Trinity event in the evening - praise God for some incredible testimonies. For any who missed the morning service, here's the link to watch it:

Sunday Service | Ian Wills | 22nd May 2022 - YouTube

And on behalf of the Trinity/YMCA Youth Mission Team, let me say thank you for your generosity yesterday as we raised funds for their mission trip to Poland. You gave £650.00, which will take them to £2350.00 of their £3k target. That is such a blessing to them. And of course thank you to the Youth team for serving us yesterday!

As ever, there are all kinds of things happening in and around Trinity over the next few weeks and so let me share some of these with you...

The June "Encounter" Prayer and Worship evening will be on Wednesday 1st June at 7.30pm. I mentioned yesterday that we'll take some time to reflect on the gifts of the Spirit, but also have space for worship, prayer, and ministry together.

We're also hosting an evening celebration on Pentecost Sunday at 6pm (details attached) - we'll be joined by other Nazarene Churches from across the country! When we were in Parkhead Church pre-lockdown, the Pentecost services in Perth were a real highlight for us and so I'm looking forward to this one too! Be great to have everyone there again. 

And looking further ahead there will be a Perth Churches' Women's Breakfast (8.30-10am) and a Trinity Men's Breakfast (9-10.30am) BOTH on Saturday 11th June. We'll hear more about these in the next few weeks, but I've attached the details (note the differing breakfast pics!), and feel free to share them with others.

Loads to look forward to and thanks to everyone involved in making these events happen. 

Grace and Peace