Dear Church Family.

I just wanted to drop a short message to you this morning as we remember one another in prayer. I'm sure we all have our own list of people that we're praying for, but here are few reminders of those we've been praying for over the last few weeks.

Pray for:

  • Billy Trainer - that the healing post surgery will be good and full, that pain would be reduced, and mobility return. Pray for Heather and Billy's son Alistair who is still in hospital and needs the Lord's touch and strength - may the Medical and Care Staff have wisdom to know what to do next. And pray for Heather (and Lauren/Jack) - this is an exhausting time and we pray for God's grace and supernatural peace and strength for them.
  • Hazel Douglas & Charlene Cook - as they continue their recovery from surgery and prepare for further treatment. May God strengthen them in body, mind, heart and spirit, and bring his grace to them and their families.
  • Nancy More - for healing following her accident and bone fracture.
  • Lynn Cooper - for healing following her recent surgery. 
  • James Clarkson - is attending the Nazarene Ministry Assessment Centre (MAC) this week, starting this morning. James works for the Eurasia Region of the Church of the Nazarene in the Finance department, and is based in the offices in Busingen where our Regional Dircetor Jim Ritchie (and Maggie) are based. MAC is an intensive few days of assessment and I know James would appreciate our prayers.

And don't forgot our Friday morning online Prayer Time (7.30am). Here's the details:

And also our Encounter Evening next Wednesday (7th September) at 7.30pm.

Thanks all. 

Grace and Peace