The news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has shocked and saddened the international community. As we watch news updates, videos, and images; listen to world leaders, politicians and political commentators; and perhaps most poignantly, hear the stories and fears of the Ukrainian people, we sense the magnitude and potential implications of this particular conflict.

We are so aware that there are many places around the world that live with daily tensions, war, and the threat of war, and we include these in our praying, but the events of the last 24-36 hours seem so alien to the relative stability experienced in Europe in recent decades. And so, we join our prayers for Ukraine with the prayers of the Church around the world. 

Our Nazarene Regional Director, Jim Ritchie has shared a message and invitation to the churches across Europe and Asia, asking us to pray for both Ukraine and Russia, and for the Church in both places. I've attached his message to this email, and add our encouragement to respond with intercession and prayer. Thank you to those who were praying in this direction this morning at our early morning prayer time. 

However, in addition, I would like to invite you to some specific times of prayer together on ZOOM and in person over the weekend. This evening  and tomorrow evening we will host a 1-hour prayer time on ZOOM. You can come online for the whole time or drop in at any point during the following times...


Friday 25 February, 6-7pm 

Saturday 26 February, 8-9pm


Here are the details for both these ZOOM prayer times.

Click on:

Meeting ID:    363 279 0408

Password:     668910


On top of these online prayer times, we will create space after the morning service on Sunday for any who are able to stay and pray together. 

I hope you'll be able to join us at one of these prayer times as we call on the Lord together.

Grace and Peace



In addition to the attachments, the Eurasia office sent out these prayer requests...

Please join us in praying for Ukraine.
We pray for an end to violence, for the preservation of all life and a lasting peace.
Pray for the international community to respond with wisdom.
Pray for the people of Ukraine, especially those who are most vulnerable.
Pray for our Ukrainian churches and child development centers and for their safety.
Our churches are currently assessing the need and will be responding with love and care.