Welcome to those of you who are new to our "Trinity Updates" - thanks for signing up or sending your email details to us. We hope these emails help us to keep connected, praying and encouraged. 

There's a real movement of prayer taking place just now across the Church of Jesus Christ. It's happening in local congregations, between churches in the same communities and cities, and across the nations. In the midst of this international crisis, where conflict seems the dominant power, unity is emerging in response! I am fielding all kinds of emails, messages and posts of how people are uniting in action, in giving and in praying - both in Ukraine, but also around the world. May God breathe his Spirit upon us as we face conflict with love and unity. 

As prayer has been one of the most immediate responses to the crisis in Ukraine, we want to share with you some opportunities to unite together with others as we pray for Peace & Justice...


  • TRINITY FRIDAY MORNING PRAYER: Every Friday morning we host an online prayer time from 7.30am. It normally lasts until somewhere between 8-8.15am, but you can come and leave as is suitable for you. While we pray for other things too, we will also continue our praying for Ukraine. If you haven't attended one yet, why not get online tomorrow morning. The Zoom details are as follows


  • PERTH CHURCHES PRAYER VIGIL: We want to join with other Churches across Perth for a Prayer Vigil this Monday, 7th March - 7pm at Perth Baptist Church. One of our Core values or "habitus" as a church is "Humble Unity: Kneeling Towards, Rising Together" and so we are very keen to share in this prayer vigil with our brothers and sisters in Christ across Perth. Can I urge you to make every effort to be there and join with God's People across the City. I've attached a flyer with the info.


I'll share more tomorrow about this coming Sunday and The Encounter Evening at 7.30pm, but let me leave you with Psalm 20:7-9...

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm. O Lord, save the king! Answer us when we call!"

May we rise and stand in the place of prayer, joining in the unity of God's People.

Grace and Peace