Over the last 6 months, the Church Board has been reflecting on how we staff into the future in a way that aligns with our hopes and aspirations. We live and serve God as both a 'Gathered Church' and a 'Scattered Church', and being equipped and empowered to live and serve like Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit is essential whether we're gathered or scattered. 

In the last 4 months we have focused on 2 key areas of our vision strategy that capture these hopes and aspirations:

  1. The development of Trinity's "CITY HUB", and

They represent this GATHERED-SCATTERED life we live as Jesus' Church. All of us are called to this and so at Trinity we want to be a Church that releases "the WHOLE People of God, into the WHOLE Mission of God, with the WHOLE Heart of God, in the power of the Spirit, and for the glory of Christ." 

Our new staffing opportunities respond to these two strategic directions and also reflect our desire to foster a culture of mutual encouragement and care - and so we are excited to share with you our 2 new staff roles, and announce that we are open for applications. The roles are...

  1. CITY HUB Development Lead
  2. Missional Discipleship & Pastoral Care Lead

These job opportunities have been carefully and prayerfully considered, and we are looking forward to how God will lead us as we look for new staff team members. 

These roles will be advertised widely, but applications are open to any who feel they have the gifting, passion, experience, and sense of calling, outlined in the job descriptions - maybe that's you - and so I've attached a copy of both job opportunities, which you can also access by clicking the following link, and then scroll to the bottom to download full job descriptions:

Vacancies | Trinity Church of the Nazarene (trinitychurchperth.org)

This is an important time for us as we seek to bring new staff team members on board. Please join us in prayer through these next months of recruitment. Applications close on Friday 20th January 2023, after which we will consider invitations for interview and so we pray for wisdom, insight and discernment through the whole process. Thank you for praying.

Finally, feel free to share these job opportunities with others. We will put links on our social media platforms too, and so please share from there also. 

Thank you Church, and let's trust the Lord to stir the hearts of those He is calling.

Grace & Peace