The last few days and these next few days have been, and will be, really signficant for us as a church family at Trinity. The sense of God's presence on Sunday was literally "awesome" - tangible to all - and our sense of unity as we stood together at the end of the service was strong and bold! We are thankful to God and we press in for more of Him, and more of what he wants to do among us and through us.

However the few days ahead are also very significant for us. The deadline for applications for our new staff positions closes tomorrow (Friday) and then we begin the process of assessing all the applications. Thank you for your prayers and I am asking that you continue praying into the week ahead as we go through this process - Lord guide us!

And of course there is still time for any further applications, and so again I've attached the job profiles for you to either share or perhaps consider.

Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement, and your commitment as we walk together into this new season. 

Grace & Peace