Here's a few more 'info-points' that we wanted to share with you over the weekend...

TRINITY KIDS, JUNIORS & CRECHE: The number of children just keeps on growing! It's a lovely problem to have, but we do need more helpers for Sunday mornings. If you would be willing to help as part of the rota or on the "backup list" then please let us know - just email or speak directly to Vicky Ferguson, Chris Franklin, or Emma Jardine. Thanks!

CONTACTLESS GIVING: We are so aware that many of us now pay and make donations by Apple/Google Pay or by card rather than by cash. In response to this, we are introducing our new "Donation Station" for contactless giving as of this Sunday. The contactless machine will be located in the foyer to the left of the double doors and you can give on the way in, or the way out.

We will still uplift an offering during the service, and of course many continue to give online or by Standing Order through the bank, but this may provide a more natural option for those of us who tend to do everything by card or Apple/Google Pay. You can choose the amount you want to give, and if you're a tax payer, you can opt to "GIFT AID" your offering at the machine.

We hope this is a helpful option for you, and we encourage you to ""Pray and Pay" in the moment, and affirm it as an act of worship & thanksgiving - thank God for his goodness, thank God for His Church, thank God for His provision. Our Treasurer, Sandra Fummey, will be available near the Donation Station to help if needed or to answer any questions.

NORTHBREAK CHURCH HOLIDAY: It's been 3 years since we had our last Northbreak Family Holiday and this year we're booked in to Ampleforth College in Yorkshire. It's a beautiful venue and you can see more about it here: 

Ampleforth College

The dates for the holiday are Sunday 31st July to Saturday 6th August 2022. For those of you who are new to the Church, the name Northbreak will mean nothing to you, so why not take a quick look at the promo video:

Video (

You can pick up a flyer and booking form from Sunday onwards, but if you already know you want to go, you can simply book online at: 

Northbreak Online Application ( 

We'll give more info out over the next few weeks, but just ask if you have any questions.

That's all for now! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow as we worship together!

Grace and Peace