I pray it's been a good start to the week for you, and that you've already seen something of "Immanuel: God with us" on your FRONTLINES! Let's not forget what we've been thinking about over the last 2 months in our "Fruitfulness on the Frontline" series, and if you'd like to catch up on the sermons from this series, or buy the book then please use the links below:

On Sunday, we started a short Advent series called "The Church of the Nativity", asking ourselves: what does the birth of Christ (The Incarnation) tell us about the nature of God and His Mission, and how should that shape the life of God's People - the Church of Jesus Christ. 

We began by looking at John 1:1-14, thinking about Light, Presence & Witness and we were so blessed and thankful to have Sundeep share some of his families story of the light and presence of God through some traumatic events. It's well worth listening to - click on the link below to watch it...

Sunday Service | Ian Wills | 27th November 2022 - YouTube

We were also glad to hear from Jane Ferguson as she shared with us about "Trinity's Cosy Space" over winter. If you watch the link above, you can hear Jane talk about this towards the end. COSY SPACES are provided by all kinds of organisations but in Perth, many of the local churches are providing them. It's a simple idea - we create a warm space, serving hot food, for people and families over winter, who may be struggling to "HEAT or EAT" in their homes.

Trinity's COSY SPACE is already open on Wednesday between 12.30-2pm and 5.30-7pm, but we're starting one specifically for children and families on Tuesdays between 3.30-6.30pm (starts Tuesday 6 December). We're looking for those who can help with catering, serving, chatting, encouraging, and even helping with homework if required. We need at least 6 helpers per week and would really like some extra cooks to spread the responsibility. 

To help, you can let us know by seeing Jane Ferguson on Sundays, emailing her at cosyspace@trinitychurchperth.org or use the link below to sign up. You can sign up on your own or with others - and if you're part of a Life Group, why not do it together! Here's the link...

Of course ADVENT is the season of Preparation and Expectation as we move towards Christmas Day and the celebration of the birth of Christ, and so it should be feeling a lot like Christmas! So, I've attached a few flyers to help you see what's on over "Christmas@TRINITY", beginning this Sunday for TeaTime@TRINITY" with Andy Bannister. Join us at 6pm and why not bring someone with you!

Well that's enough for now. I'll share some other things later in the week, but praying God continues to bless you as you serve him and others wherever you are.

Grace & Peace