Over the years Trinity has run a number of Alpha courses and in various ways. The last Alpha course we ran was online, but they can be hosted in homes, church buildings, community halls, coffee shops, even in work places. Alpha is an 11-week course that explores questions of life and faith, and is designed for those who are not yet Christians or part of the Church. For those of you who don't know anything about the Alpha course, then you can find out more by clicking on this link: https://alpha.org.uk/try-alpha 

In Autumn (Sept-Nov), we plan to run the Alpha course at Trinity, but in order to make the most of it and organise in the right way, we'd like your help! 

We've developed a short 3 question survey that asks you to think about the people you might invite to an ALPHA course - family, friends, neighbours, colleagues (remember it's for their benefit) - and then answer a question on which kind of course you think THEY might most like to join, and 2 questions on what times in the week you think might be best for THEM (and of course you would bring them). We're just doing this short questionnaire over the weekend but there are a number of ways you can complete it:

  1. Through the Trinity App: a notification has been sent on the app, but just go to 'More' then 'Alpha Survey' to complete.
  2. Using this link: https://trinitychurchperth.org/pages/alpha-course-2023 
  3. Completing a paper copy on Sunday morning.

We'll review the feedback and then share that with you as we begin to make plans, but we're really keen to make this happen well, and in the right ways.  

Thanks so much for your help and we're looking forward to hearing back from you, and then getting ready for Alpha!

Grace & Peace