With the increase of use in our new building (that's good news), it is becoming necessary to clear the floor of chairs for groups who may be using the building through the week. On Sundays, we generally have 300 chairs out, and so putting them to the sides is a big task for a few people, but a little task for a lot of people. This is one way lots of people can serve on Sundays, so that we can be ready to serve others on Mondays ...and throughout the rest of the week!

However, we don't want to rush into this straight after our time of worship! So...

...the idea is, that 20 minutes after the end of the service, we begin to "clear and stack" the chairs. This "Golden 20 minutes" will give time for prayer ministry, and for coffee and connecting with others - prayer and fellowship are really important! Then after the "Golden 20 minutes", if you're able and willing, we can begin to "clear and stack". On Sundays when we have Teatime at Trinity (e.g. this Sunday), then instead of "clear & stack", we can help "set and prep" tables and chairs instead.

It might take a few weeks to get into the rhythm, but hopefully it can become a shared act of service. Watch out for some guidance on Sunday morning, but until then have a good weekend!

Thanks all.

Grace & Peace