Trinity Church of the Nazarene, York Place, Perth, PH2 8EP

What Kind of Church?

Guest Speaker
24th January 2016

What Kind of Church?

This evening we begin a new series looking at “What Kind of Church?”

Last year the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland wrote a paper on this area, what kind of church do we have to become to continue serving our communities, reaching┬áthe lost and ultimately seeking God. Is the church relevant, in a time of increasing decline across the nation and secularisation; how do we reach out and continue to share God’s love and hope.

We will explore this over the next few weeks, tying into our morning series as we look to Arise within our own local church in 2016.

Our speakers for tonight are Dr Rev Fred Drummond, member of our church but also the leader of the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland and author of “What Kind of Church?”; and his son Phil, bringing testimony from his street evangelism in Coleraine, NI, and his ministry StudioTen.

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