Trinity Church of the Nazarene, York Place, Perth, PH2 8EP

1 John 4 – God is Love

Fred Drummond
8th September 2019

1 John 4 – God is Love

This morning Fred Drummond preaches from 1 John 4, where we continue in John’s letter to a church, explaining love. The church is a community of the forgiven, not of the perfect.

  • God loves you. God is for you.
  • God is love, in character and action.

This love is most clearly revealed by God sending his son as a sacrifice for us. The mark of love is the cross, with the perfect one dying for us.

We’ve got to be a loving community. Praying for each other, lifting each other up, supporting each other. Be there for others as God is there for us. We can’t preach the gospel of love if we’re holding love from each other.

Love is an antidote to fear. When we allow God’s perfect love to come into our hearts the chains of fear are driven out.